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Digital Artist Residency

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Current Resident​

May - Tiffany K. Smith

Future Residents

June Curry

Chia Amisola

Michelle Foto

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Past Residents 



Tiffany K. Smith

Josh Kery

Rachel Weil
Vidya Giri

Make Droy


Liz Dexia

Rudy Falagán

Ranran Fan

Hua Chai

Sara Roma

Hannah Spector

rino kodama

Dust Bunny (Sebastien  Hubiera)

Elexus Pettigrew


Devin Alejandro-Wilder

Andie Flores

Out of Work Puppeteers

    Evelyn from the Internets

    Sam Lavigne



    Hypatia Sorunke

    Schelsey Mahammadie-Sabet

    Devin Wilkins

Nilson Carroll

Susan Aparicio

    Chloê Langford

    Monica Seggos

    Rosa Nussbaum

    Matthew Rayfield

Zachary Schulte


Myfanwy Mars

Alie Jackson

Ciara O'Kelly

Brooke Johnson

Nat Olmo

Noah Travis Phillips

Kia Miakka Natisse

Campbell Mcconnell

Claire Lachow

Elaine Adams


Sharing Turtle

Bianca Hockensmith

Meredith Brindley

Kevin Brophy

Alex Guillen

Wednesday Kim

Dana Suleymanova

Diane Zhou

Hannah Dubbe

Renée Reizman

Christina Smiros

Jeffrey Charles Stanley


    Hiba Ali

    Sean Morgan

HOUSE OF KILLING (Ingeborg WieEsben Holk) with sound by Sophie Harkins

Everest Pipkin

    Melanie Clemmons

Matthew Keff

Liz Walber

Waverly Mandel

Daniel Greenberg + Troy Hoffman

Rin Johnson


Edouard Brooks

Marc Yearsley

Jesse Cline

Violet Forest

Maya Livio & JP Merz

Sidney Cherie Hilley

Cait Carouge

Josh Keeney

Martha Hipley

Ambar Navarro

Takahiro Suzuki

James Scheuren


Annie May Johnston


Biraaj Dodiya

Cameron Coffman

Anne Rogers

Emily O'Leary

Bev (Amaya Alejandra)

Bucky Miller

Connor Frew



Meg Ryan (Ryan Patrick Martin + Megan Stuckey)

We are a program of The Museum of Human Achievement in Austin, TX.

This project is supported in part by the National Endowment for the Arts.

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