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Fantastic Arcade and Welcome to My Homepage present:


Let's celebrate the end of 2021 by making animated GIFs for each other! Think secret santa, but more pixels and more lolz.

Haven't made a GIF before? We've got resources and a great community of indie game devs and digital artists to chat with.

Join the Fantastic Arcade Discord server to participate. Sign up by Friday, Dec 17th to make and receive a GIF for new year's eve!

How does it work?

Join our Discord server and opt-in on the #holiday-gif-exchange channel. You'll be asked to submit a few words to inspire your dream GIF.

On Dec 18 you'll hear who you’re making a GIF for and what their prompt is. Interpret the prompt however you wish - get literal, get abstract, get meme’n!

You’ll have until Thurs, Dec 30th to submit your creation.

On Dec 31st, everyone will get their GIFs! We encourage you to also share them in the channel for all of us to admire.


Animated GIFs?!


Even if you’ve never made a GIF before, we encourage you to join in and give it a shot!

GIFs can be made on a computer or smartphone from photos, drawings, pixel art, game engine exports, screenshots, video clips, etc.

Try opening an .gif in Photoshop or Gimp to see what its guts look like. You can “remix” an existing GIF this way by altering the individual frames of the animation.




Discord is a messaging platform where we host our online community. If you feel lost when you log in, just ask for help and an admin will show you around!





  • We’re here for a good time! Keep it friendly and positive. When in doubt, read the #rules channel.

  • Don’t leave your GIF recipient hanging! By opting in, you are agreeing to make and submit a GIF by Dec 30th.

  • After Dec 31st, you can post your submissions here for all of us to admire!

  • Questions? Contact (Rachel Stuckey#8121)

This project is supported in part by the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department.

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