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Fantastic Arcade and Welcome to My Homepage present:

YOU ODE ME ONE - An AV Valentine Exchange

Let’s get *audiovisual* this February and make digital valentines, or odes, based on each other’s favorite things. Think passionate webpages of the early internet days like Hamsterdance, YTMND, Hello My Future Girlfriend, or 90s e-cards… done secret valentine style. TLDR; image + soundtrack for a friend.

Join the Fantastic Arcade Discord server to participate.


How does it work?

Feb 7 - Sign up deadline. Once you’ve joined, share a few words + an image or sound/song to inspire the AV ode of your dreams (or nightmares?).

Feb 8 - Secret Valentines will be assigned and you’ll get your prompt. Use, remix, or nix any inspo materials you get to make an ode to whatever your secret valentine is into!

Feb 26 - Deadline to submit your creation. 

Feb 27 - Everyone will get their odes! We encourage you to share what you got in the channel for all of us to admire.


AV Odes?!

- Traditionally an ode is a lyric poem or song on a particular subject. 

- On the internet, you can pretty much make an ode with an image file and a sound file!

- Even if you’ve never made dumb computer art like this before, we encourage you to join in and give it a try.

- AV odes can be made many ways: a gif paired with audio using, a soundtrack paired with an image using, a webpage made with a site builder or using simple html.


- Here's a dramatic ode to corn:

- An 8-bit ode to Fight Club:

- An iconic ode to graphs:

- You'll find more examples, resources, tools, and community in our Discord channel.


Discord is a messaging platform where we host our online community. Click here to join. If you feel lost when you log in, just ask for help and an admin will show you around!

Questions? Contact

This project is supported in part by the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department.

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