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Welcome to my Homepage Open Call q&a 

Systems at Risk! - Live Q&A

Thursday June 9th, 2022

Start time: 6:00 pm CDT

Instagram Live


All systems are at risk! 

What are the systems?

What is at risk?

What are you going to do about it?


What if any changes have affected Welcome to my Homepage? (8:30)


In the past IRL, our in-person exhibition program, supported mini IRL exhibitions for resident artists but it has been suspended during the pandemic. We hope to get back to this format or an expansion of it sometime in the future. Other changes we’re working towards are increasing accessibility with guides for artists to learn about how to make their projects accessible for more types of users. 


How often do y’all do Open Calls? (9:50)

We’re currently selecting artists in residence for September - December and will have open calls about every 4 months, or three cycles per year with four artists selected per cycle.


Are there fees to apply? (9:20)

Nope, Welcome to my Homepage is free to apply!


What does the selection process for artists in residence look like? (14:45)

The selection process is led by a jury consisting of Rachel Stuckey (Director of Digital Arts), Dev/in Alejandro-Wilder (our Coordinator of Digital Arts), Eriane Austria (Digital Arts Fellow), plus a past resident artist and a member of our advisory board.


Are there formal meetings during the residency? (10:17)

There are not formal meetings, but if that’s useful to the artist then we can schedule regular meetings. Some artists would prefer weekly studio visits while others aren’t. We’re happy to support you in the ways that make sense for you.


What website host do you use? (17:08)

We use, a user-friendly drag and drop HTML5 web-builder, no need for coding skills or programming experience required! If you do want to utilize those skills, you’re also welcome to self host a project. 


Who is the residency for? (17:30)

We host all kinds of residents. We especially look to host individuals who have not had residency opportunities or an experience like this before, or are on the verge of something new and want to spend a month exploring that. We’re also an international residency and can host residents from anywhere there is an internet connection. As a reminder, you don’t need to be a net or digital artist to participate in the virtual residency, we encourage those from outside these fields to apply and have hosted a range of artists from puppeteers to poets. Get weird and think outside the box, as long as your proposal is reasonable to complete within the 3-week timeframe. 


Do you host performance artists? (19:30)

Definitely! We’ve had artists in the past who have done live-stream performance during their residency, video artists, or those who have chosen alternative formats such as a TikTok or a Twitch stream. The performance can also be purely screen-based, such as a live screen recording. All kinds of proposals are welcome. 

Application deadline - June 30, 2022 at midnight CDT (UTC–5)

Notification date - August 2, 2022

This project is supported in part by the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department.

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